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Artrade’s mission and business model

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In the realm of art exchange, trust and transparency have always been fundamental yet elusive elements. Artrade emerges as a groundbreaking online platform aimed at revolutionizing the traditional paradigms of art transactions. By harnessing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology, Artrade redefines the very essence of security, transparency, and liquidity within the art market.

The core foundation of Artrade lies in its use of blockchain—a decentralized and immutable ledger—to fortify every art transaction. This innovative approach ensures the eradication of intermediaries, thereby streamlining the exchange process and eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with third-party involvement. Through this technological infrastructure, Artrade introduces an unprecedented level of security, empowering users with confidence in the authenticity and traceability of every art piece exchanged on the platform.

Moreover, Artrade's adoption of blockchain technology goes beyond mere security; it fundamentally alters the market by infusing unprecedented transparency into art transactions. The inherent nature of blockchain ensures an auditable record of each transaction, offering stakeholders an unobstructed view of the art market's inner workings. This transparency not only instills trust among buyers and sellers but also catalyzes the emergence of a more equitable and accessible art ecosystem.

Additionally, Artrade's innovative integration of NFT technology addresses the liquidity challenges that have historically plagued the art market. By facilitating direct and secure transactions between art enthusiasts, collectors, and creators, Artrade establishes a dynamic and fluid marketplace where artworks can be exchanged seamlessly, enhancing overall market liquidity.

Artrade's commitment to leveraging blockchain to augment security, transparency, and liquidity within the art market sets a new standard for art exchange platforms. Through the blending of technology and art, Artrade propels the industry towards a future where trust and decentralization converge to redefine the very essence of art transactions.

Artrade's business model revolves around the provision of NFC chips. Initially, these chips will be provided for free. However, the creation of artworks on the platform will gradually transition into a paid service. This shift will result in revenue generation for each artwork created, particularly those opting for the NFC chip feature.

Additionally, Artrade will introduce paid subscriptions tailored for art market experts such as gallery owners. These subscriptions will grant them full access to the platform's comprehensive range of functionalities. This model ensures accessibility to advanced tools and features, catering specifically to the needs of art market professionals.