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Product roadmap

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Q4 2023: REAL protocol V1 with DM

Sellers and buyers can coordinate delivery payments through our tailored private messaging tool, facilitating direct wallet payments to the seller. This creates a fully decentralized delivery method where both parties collaborate on the delivery specifics and payment. Funds will also be secured in the REAL escrow smart contract. Upon the buyer's receipt of the artwork, they must validate the sale in their profile's activity page to receive the NFT, confirming ownership of the artwork, while the seller receives the funds.

Q1 2024: $ATR migration and integration

The ATR token will migrate from the Binance Smart Chain to the Solana blockchain, establishing a new liquidity pool on a Solana DEX and a new listing on a CEX. Additionally, the token will be integrated into the platform to maximize its potential and utility: offering staking rewards, burn programs, badges, perks, exclusive features, payment with cashbacks, and more.

Q2 2024: Fragments: art’s masterpieces fractionalization and trading

Artrade introduces Fragments, a new feature that will tokenize masterpieces into multiple fractions. This will bring more liquidity into a highly inaccessible and elitist art market, while providing new opportunities for investors to access this asset class.

Q3 2024 : Curator feature with galleries integration

The Artrade platform is open to all artists, yet we also aim for a qualitative curation to be present. Thus, we've devised a decentralized curation method where all expert players in the traditional art market can secure agreements on the blockchain with their artists. These agreements manage the sale of their artworks, their visibility on the platform, and their marketing both on Artrade and beyond. We believe that physical galleries will adopt our solution to enhance the contractual aspects of their interactions with artists, while leveraging advanced technical tools for the promotion and sale of their artworks.

Q4 2024: Mainstream adoption with custodial wallet, Credit Card payment and mobile application

Artrade is pursuing a European PSAN approval to offer an integrated wallet within the application for users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. In addition to the integrated wallet, credit card payments and a mobile application will cater to a new user base, positioning Artrade as a mainstream international marketplace.