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Transforming art authentication with REAL Protocol

Artrade introduces the REAL (Reliable Electronic Artwork Ledger) Protocol, a pioneering system revolutionizing the authentication of physical artworks using cutting-edge technology. By integrating blockchain technology, this innovative protocol bridges the divide between physical art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain.

The REAL Protocol securely links each physical artwork to its digital NFT representation, leveraging blockchain technology to embed a unique identifier. This linkage guarantees authenticity and origin, heightening the value and trustworthiness of physical artworks in the digital sphere. Additionally, it establishes a transparent ownership history, offering stakeholders a clear lineage of an artwork's ownership and origin.

Initially, the artist generates the NFT on Artrade's platform, after which they receive the blockchain technology to affix onto the artwork, creating the connection between the physical and digital pieces.

Upon an artwork's purchase, both the funds and the NFT ownership title enter an escrow smart contract, ensuring a transparent and secure transaction process. Upon the artwork's receipt by the buyer and subsequent verification via scanning with smartphone, the funds and associated NFT are unlocked. This verification step incentivizes fair and compliant transactions, fostering trust and honesty among all parties involved.

The integration of the REAL protocol with escrow smart contracts ensures transactional authenticity and transparency, fostering decentralized trust within the Artrade ecosystem. This revolutionizes art authentication, enabling the seamless coexistence of physical art and its digital representation, bolstering their integrity, accessibility, and value in the dynamic art market landscape.

The icing on the cake, the REAL protocol will be open-source, igniting an incredible wave of benefits for the entire Solana community. But that’s not all, it will also set a bold new standard for exchanging physical artworks on the blockchain.

Get ready for a revolution in the art world!