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Core team

Frédéric Bry

Frédéric Bry - CTO

Solana developer since 2021. Ex-founder of NFT marketplace Solana Bluediamonds. Former CTO of Crypto Coral Tribe. Full stack developer & entrepreneur for 12 years. Frédéric is taking on a new technical challenge with Artrade.

David Kubler

David Kubler - Head of design

Ex-founder of Ublo/Malleab. Product designer, developer and entrepreneur for 10 years. David is our dedicated global designer whose mission is to make our platform more attractive and user-friendly everyday.

Paul Weibel

Paul Weibel - CEO

Entrepreneur & Art enthusiast for 15 years. Paul first discover web3 in 2017 as an investor. He then becomes an NFT art collector and founds Artrade in 2021, merging his both passions together: traditional art and blockchain technology.

Martin Girard

Martin Girard - Community & Marketing director

NFT artist, web3 enthusiast and Artrade's community manager. Martin handles our social image and marketing campaigns.

Léo Caillard

Léo Caillard - Artist Ambassador

Contemporary NFT & blockchain art expert. Co-founder of LCD studio and NFT Factory Paris. Léo is in charge of our go-to-market and positioning strategy.