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Artrade Token, a sustainable model engaging the Web3 community

The Artrade utility token (ATR) stands as a conduit to engage the Web3 community in the project's success and governance. It is designed to foster active participation and involvement while establishing a mechanism for community-driven decision-making.

A strategic staking plan has been devised to enable token holders to benefit from APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Initially, this yield will be fueled by an allocation from the reserve. Subsequently, platform fees will be utilized to purchase tokens from the market, ensuring a sustainable rewards mechanism for holders. Daily, the entirety of the 5% platform sales commission will be utilized to buy-back tokens from the market, bolstering the staking program and insuring a constant buying pressure.

It is crucial to uphold a restricted token circulation. To achieve this, a burn program will operate concurrently with the staking plan, aligning the number of tokens burned with the distributed rewards. This burn initiative, combined with a fixed total supply of 1.8 billion ATR without any inflation, will notably enhance the token's scarcity. This mirrors Bitcoin's approach, emphasizing ATR's limited supply.

The synergy between the staking program and the burn initiative not only incentivizes participation but also enhances the token's scarcity, augmenting its value within the ecosystem. This strategic framework not only aims to benefit token holders but also to fortify the ATR token as an integral component of Artrade's vibrant and thriving community.

In addition to its role in fostering a sustainable tokenomics model, the Artrade Token serves as a gateway to exclusive platform features, badges, and various in-kind benefits. ATR holders will enjoy privileged access to unique functionalities within the platform, unlocking special features, earning prestigious badges, and accessing other exclusive advantages. Furthermore, token holders will wield significant influence in the governance of the Artrade global mission. Their ownership of tokens entitles them to actively participate in shaping strategic decisions, contributing to the ongoing evolution and growth of the community and platform.

The ATR tokens will also function as a currency on the platform, enabling the purchase of artworks while earning a 2.5% cashback both for the buyer and the seller. Unlock art, earn rewards!