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Token nameArtrade Token (ATR)
CMC link
Launch DateApril, 2022
Network InformationArtrade Token (ATR) was initially minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token will migrate to the Solana blockchain around Q1 2024. Holders will be able to swap their BSC ATR for SOL ATR on at any time. ATR transactions will then take place on the Solana network.
Token smart contract address on BSC0x7559C49c3Aec50E763A486bB232fA8d0d76078e4
Token smart contract address on SolanaATRLuHph8dxnPny4WSNW7fxkhbeivBrtWbY6BfB4xpLj
Token allocation entitySAS ARTRADE.APP
39 rue de la gare de Reuilly 75012 Paris
RCS Paris B 902 799 212
Initial supply cap1,8 billion ATR
Trading pair on Mexc CexATR/USDT
Trading pair on Bitmart CexATR/USDT
Trading pair on CexATR/USDT
Trading pair on Solana Dex RaydiumATR/USDC
Token releasedNov. 2023:84,59%
Dec. 2023:88,44%
Jan. 2024:92,29%
Feb. 2024:96,15%
Mar. 2024:100%

ATR Token Allocation

80% of the total supply is for the community and the web3 eco-system.

Token supply

PercentageCategoryDescriptionNumber of tokens
51%Artrade’s DAO (gradually community governed)Artrade will allocate this reserve to support artist's careers, spearhead communication and education initiatives surrounding the utility of NFTs in addressing longstanding issues within the art market, advocate for the legal acceptance of digital ownership titles on the blockchain. Holders will progressively have the authority to make decisions through a DAO interface.918,000,000
12,5%Initial Coin Offering (ICO)The project garnered support from over 6500 investors, raising $6 million by its conclusion in February 2022.224,627,249
9%R&D and marketingToken allocation to cover technical expenses for innovation and development within Artrade's marketplace. Simultaneously, it ensures a robust communication strategy highlighting the platform's innovative benefits.162,000,000
7%Staking programStakers will receive a 25% APY, capped at 126 million ATR tokens. This APY will gradually be adapted in line with the rise in token buy-backs or until it utilizes the entire allocated supply.126,000,000
7%Burn mechanismArtrade plans to perform token burns equivalent to the tokens distributed through the staking program, aiming to decrease the overall circulating supply.126,000,000
5,5%Private saleInitial investors and business angels who engaged in the private sale of equities and tokens prior to the ICO.99,500,000
5,5%Team and seed supportersIndividuals who were involved in the initial stages of the project and supported Artrade during its inception in 2021.99,500,000
2,5%Liquidity providingTokens used to provide liquidity on crypto markets.44,372,751

Artrade wallets

Wallet nameMultisig wallets public addresses on Solana
Artrade’s DAO5ktznVaWcV31WccPwkxefURKzY3ByYYeteq2jhxFtnr6
R&D and marketing9KEBF9g8rPJtJCbgiuSCHwwfWZHLRFGriipNhDPSmvQ1
Liquidity provider7XQtbQPpiWnEaBSzxL81KQvACU1kxrYaUWwqUvJjASe6